Baltic Place Development, Gateshead Quay UK

Project facts

Description Baltic Place Development, Gateshead Quay
Challenge Access to the unusually shaped buildings

SGB (Formerly Harsco Infrastructure) helped overcome the problem of tight space restrictions on the Baltic Place development at Gateshead Quay, installing 21 mast climbing work platforms for work on two new 11 storey office blocks. The project is part of a large-scale development at Gateshead Quay where Harsco designed a package that would provide access to the unusually shaped buildings, which feature curved sides with varying angles and elevations up to 30 metres high.

Each MASTCLIMBER™ was designed to follow the contours of the building and allow access at a constant distance from the face. The twin mast units have been installed with different level base units - some at basement level and some at first floor level - which required them to be built initially as two separate MASTCLIMBERS which were then joined together.

Quick facts

  • Unusually shaped building with curved sides and angled elevations
  • 21 mastclimbing platforms
  • Maintaining of constant distance of each platform from the wall face
  • Different base height for each MASTCLIMBER™

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