Transport platforms | Personnel & materials hoists

SGB’s personnel and material transport platform hoists can lift people or equipment to the required location safely and economically on site. 

With a large floor area and wide access gates, personnel and materials hoists are an ideal mechanical access compliment to any site and can be loaded using conventional tele-handlers or forklift trucks.

Personnel and material hoists reduce the requirement for crane use on site and provide a safer, less weather dependent means of lifting.

Simple assembly

Like our mast climbing work platforms, transport hoists are assembled from basic, modular components making them quick and easy to install, relocate or reconfigure. The stability and limited tie requirements allow the units to be erected against any structure such as scaffolding or lightweight industrial structures with the right planning.

Enhancing the mechanical access package

Personnel and material transport platform hoists can be used as a ‘feeder’ system, supplying materials to teams working on adjacent Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MASTCLIMBERS™). This allows work to progress uninterrupted whilst materials and equipment are being loaded and transported to the work level.

Personnel & material transport platform hoists at a glance

  • Fully accredited training available
  • Speed of installation with minimal tying and anchor spacings up to 15 m apart
  • Speed of travel – up to 30 m per minute
  • Varying sizes and capacities from 250 kg Safe Working Load (SWL) up to 2.5 tonnes SWL
  • Large modular platform dimensions for example up to 6 x 2 m
  • Rack and pinion drive units

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